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time out to relax

I’ve had a bit on my plate of late. I’m not really ready to detail all of it publicly, but needless to say I’ve got a few healthy serves of stress on my plate. I’m trying to chew through them as best I can.

However it’s become quite clear that I’m not coping as well as I’d like to. The fuse on my temper is way too short, and I have transformed into a screaming banshee at the drop of a hat more than once in the past week. It’s not pretty.

Yesterday after a run, brunch and some errands, I managed to snare the best spot in one of my favourite Sydney pubs. A sheltered, sunny corner on a clear but cool and blustery Sydney day. And with a jug of Ciderlicious – a mix of cider, berries, pear schapps, ice and fresh mint, sitting in front of me, I did something I rarely do. In fact I’m quite bad at doing.

I called a time out.

I aplogised to my friend, but explained that I needed to go home, have bath and a nap. And that’s what I did.

Whilst it hasn’t solved all of the challenges I have in front of me at the moment, taking some time out was dearly needed. Some time to relax and recover. To suspend the burden on my shoulders. And I felt a helluvalot better for it.

Do you call time out? How do you take a break from what’s on your mind?

2 thoughts on “Time out

  1. Cathy

    When I need time out I tend to prefer being on my own for a day or two, just doing my own thing. Like you, it doesn’t happen often enough or when I am way beyond stressed.

    1. fifty two

      Hi Cathy,
      Thank you so much for your comment. I knew I wouldn’t be alone, but it’s nice to know I am in good company!


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